The average office worker will sit for 5 hours & 41 minutes each day, the Active bench is designed to encourage posture change & help increase focus, alertness & activity levels by promoting movement.



Product Specification

Active offers easy to use electric powered height adjustable workstations that can be mixed with fixed height options in a linear bench system.

Frame – constructed from medium to heavy gauge steel tube with cross bars of varying lengths, powder coat finish – black, white, grey.

Panel Ends & Intermediate Leg Cladding – Legs at the end of runs can be fitted with cloaking panels of steel or MFC.  The void between inner & outer panels can be used to run cables vertically.

When central legs are shared they can be clad with a sheet metal fabricated cladding kit.  This provides a high capacity vertical cable riser.

Tops – 25mm MFC with square edge with continuous cable gap or options for cable ports or cable scallops.

Cable Management – steel flip down cable tray suspended from the upper frame with option for high density lower cable tray & interconnecting cable chain.

Screens – options for aluminium, ABS & fabric edge screens fixed back to desk underframe or clamped to back edge of desk work surface.

Height Actuators & Control Gear – the Active bench incorporates collision detection technology as standard.  The solution is based on an integrated giro within the control box.  The giro reacts to any obstruction when raising or lowering the work surface & halts, then reverses at the point of collision.  Height adjustment 650 to 1300.

Knowledge Bank

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