Fence space divider & Essence bench

Involv dining tables

Involv boardroom table

MyStorage desk

special Ped video conference table

We are constantly adding to our product portfolio to deliver a wide range of product solutions designed for the dynamic working environment.

Astia planters divides space, defines circulation routes, introduces biophilia promoting an enriched environment. Astia can be fixed or mobile, deliver connectivity to adjacent furniture & support work surfaces. The simple planter just got more intelligent.

Tommer – The strength of steel combined with the beauty of solid oak legs & desk tidy plank. Great functionality, natural touch.

Fence – A product with a combination of steel frames & storage modules that combine to enclose open plan areas, creating theam neighbourhoods & social huddles, whilst defining circulation paths. Easy to specify & quick to build, the simple construction is based on pre welded frames & linear shelves.