What are SmartSpace products?


The SmartSpace collection is a range of UK manufactured products that are designed to create solo and collaborative workspaces.

Analysing the daily movement of staff and actual tasks completed within an office space is critical to a business.  It often highlights where valuable time and effort is lost by having an ill-conceived layout. Therefore, it is essential to source solutions that support the way we work today and help create an efficient & vibrant environment.

Whilst certain individuals require quieter, focused zones, others may have greater need for small meeting areas for collaboration. We have designed solutions that support a wide range of work styles & encourage users to be more mobile and to sit or stand at their place of work.

The clever use of SmartSpace products in a traditional office, can suddenly change it into a smart landscape. Our products have been conceived to maximise the use of space and offer staff interesting spaces to work in encouraging a healthy and diverse work day.

As they say… ’A change is as good as a rest’ !





SitStand Desk


SitStand Bench

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